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AVO provides state of the art, comprehensive animal eye care services for dogs, cats, exotic animals, and pocket pets throughout the greater Washington D.C. area.

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Armour Veterinary Ophthalmology is located inside the Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, D.C., convenient to Maryland and northern Virginia.

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Whether you’ve been referred to our practice by your primary care veterinarian or need a second opinion about an eye condition, our caring, compassionate team is here for you!

Find out more about our specialty services including phacoemulsification for cataracts, endocyclophotocoagulation for glaucoma, medical management of chronic dry eye, and revolutionary corneal disease therapy.

We Treat Most Common Eye Diseases and Conditions in Cats and Dogs

Dr. Armour with employee and dog

About Dr. Armour

Dr. Micki Armour finds the field of veterinary ophthalmology fascinating and loves establishing long-term relationships with her patients and their families. As a veterinary ophthalmologist she enjoys the balance between practicing medicine and performing complex surgical procedures.

“The joy of restoring sight to my patients is the best part of my job.”

As part of her ongoing education, Dr. Armour collaborates with human ophthalmologists in the field of corneal diseases, glaucoma, and cataracts. She is an Associate Member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology and attends conferences at the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

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Hear What Our Clients Have to Say About AVO

"Excellent. Dr. Armour is kind, patient and caring. The staff is as well. I have a cat with complicated eye issues and I truly believe he is getting the best possible care. I am so happy to have this team."

Janine D.
Washington, DC

"Absolutely the best for the eyes of your animal. They took the best care of my dog. They took the time to meet me , understand my concerns and come up with the perfect solution. I was presented with best and worst case costs. The laser had little recovery time and did not require a cone.

Best vet experience ever. Highly recommend."

Brian M.
Ashburn, VA

"Dr. Armour is phenomenal and literally saved my dog's eye. She suggested an aggressive yet conservative approach that avoided a costly surgery. In the first few days after our initial visit as an emergency referral from our regular vet, we were very anxious and concerned given the severity of his ruptured cornea. Dr. Armour responded to emails answering questions about his medications and our concerns in between visits. We also get detailed reports emailed after each visit. Great vet opthalmologist and top-notch service."

Brian N.
Rockville, MD

"Dr. Armour is wonderful. She approached my senior dog's eye problem with caution and with doable steps one at a time. I was expecting some kind of a different approach because I felt he was not doing well. Doctor Armour was very reassuring and is taking this one step at a time, nothing over the top or aggressive. The staff is sooooo professional, from booking an appointment to arriving and they are all prompt."

Rita C.
Virginia Beach, VA

"Dr. Armour and her staff are wonderful! They genuinely care about the animals and take their time to make sure both the animal and the human are comfortable. I took my cat Mango here because his eye is constantly weeping. Other drs gave him drops and gel but nothing seemed to work. Dr Armour gave him a combination of drops which got rid of the gunk in his eye for the first time in a year! Then he got in a fight with another one of my household cats and his cornea was scratched. She was worried because it was so deep that he'd need surgery but gave me several medicines to use in hopes of it healing. We just went in for a follow up a week later and his eye is healed! You could see the relief on her face when she looked at his eye. She was genuinely glad that he was healed. I am very happy with Armour vet and would highly recommend them if you need a specialist."

Lara W.
Washington, DC

"Dr. Armour and her assistant were kind, caring, and highly competent. They took pains to make my cat comfortable and provided clear, detailed explanations of his eye problem and the measures that I could take to address it. Even the gentleman staffing the desk was incredibly nice and helpful!"

Natalie W.
Asheville, NC

"I could not be more pleased with my help from Dr. Armour and her team. My dog "Doc" had two growths, the more problematic one being a mast cell tumor on his eyelid - a problematic location to work on. At every step of the process, Dr. Armour and her team were courteous, super thorough, and clear as a bell in terms of their advice and communications with me. Both growths were removed with minimal upset to Doc. I don't know what the future will bring as mast cells have a tendency to return, but I know that I got the best possible treatment. An added bonus was that the charge for this treatment was, based on vet bills I have gotten over the years, 100% reasonable."

Peter K.
Bethesda, MD

"Dr. Armour has been a blessing helping me through a rough time with my pug's eyes. Her follow-up notes were thorough, she was available by email on a holiday and I felt no pressure on choosing a treatment plan. I would recommend to anyone that has a pet needing extra attention for their eyes."

Kat M.
Washington, DC

"Dr. Armor and her staff are wonderful. First of all they are all extremely competent. They were so kind to my 18 year old Yorkie...and patient with me and my questions. I highly recommend Armour Vet."

Debbie F.
Port Hueneme, CA